Recognition of Prior Learning Scheme

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a process used to assess and recognize an individual’s skills, knowledge, and experience gained through formal, non-formal, and informal learning. RPL schemes provide a structured and systematic approach to the RPL process, outlining the policies, procedures, and guidelines for assessing and recognizing prior learning.

The details of RPL schemes can vary depending on the context and the qualification or credential being recognized. However, some common features of RPL schemes include:

  1. Eligibility criteria: RPL schemes usually outline the eligibility criteria for applicants, such as the qualifications or experience required to be considered for RPL.
  2. Assessment process: RPL schemes outline the assessment process, including the evidence-based assessments used to evaluate an individual’s prior learning against the learning outcomes and competency standards of the qualification.
  3. Assessment tools: RPL schemes may provide a range of assessment tools, such as portfolio assessments, workplace assessments, interviews, and examinations, to support the assessment process.
  4. RPL providers: RPL schemes may identify the RPL providers who are authorized to assess and recognize prior learning for a particular qualification or credential.
  5. Credit transfer: RPL schemes may outline the credit transfer arrangements for individuals who have gained credit through RPL and wish to transfer this credit to another qualification or credential.
  6. Appeals process: RPL schemes may provide an appeals process for individuals who are not satisfied with the outcome of their RPL assessment.

RPL schemes are used across a wide range of sectors, including vocational education and training, higher education, and professional certification. They provide a transparent and fair process for recognizing the skills and experience of individuals and promoting lifelong learning.

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