Who are the candidates for RPL?

Candidates for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) in Australia are individuals who have previous learning, skills, and knowledge, which they have gained through formal, informal, or non-formal education, work experience, or other life experiences.

The RPL process is designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to have their prior learning and experience recognized and credited towards a formal qualification. Candidates for RPL may include:

  1. Experienced workers: Workers who have extensive work experience in a particular field, but who do not have a formal qualification.
  2. Migrants: Migrants who have qualifications and skills gained overseas but require recognition of their skills to work in Australia.
  3. Career changers: Individuals who have worked in a different field but have developed skills and knowledge relevant to a new career path.
  4. Self-employed individuals: Self-employed individuals who have developed skills and knowledge through running their own businesses.
  5. Volunteers: Individuals who have gained skills and knowledge through volunteering, community work, or other non-formal learning experiences.

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